Nanotechnology Research shows that nanotechnology allows us to obtain a 10x lower coefficient of friction – the life of components is extended by 300-560%.

Lubricants with nanotechnologyWe are one of the few companies in the world bringing lubricants to the market with nanotechnology, produced domestically with unique characteristics without equivalent among products of the competition.

RegeneratorsRegenerators using electrostatic and thermodynamic effects
occurring in mechanisms, form a super-thin metallic self-regenerating layer at points of friction. The discoverer of the so-called non-wear technology, Professor D. N. Garkunov, was awarded with a Gold Medal for Tribology by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London in 2005r.


Removers In response to market demand, we are introducing removers. There are also plans for an electrical contact remover, a carbon deposit removal machine and an eco-remover.